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The Dawson Creek Lol Action Team (LAT)

The Dawson Creek Child and Youth Mental Health and Substance Use (CYMHSU) Lol Action Team started in December 2015 after the lol Practice Support Coach, Cindy Kadziolka put Dawson Creek’s name forward for this initiative. Dr. Ulrike Meyer agreed to sign on to be our Physician Champion. We have four?acting co-chairs: Isaac Hernandez (Executive Director North Wind Wellness Center), Louise Rogers (Team Lead Child and Youth Mental Health Dawson Creek), Kate Fitch (Clinician Child and Youth Mental Health), and Cheryl Hendy (South Peace Community Resource Society).? We have over 122 members on our team as of June 2017! If you are interested in our use, please consider joining us in our work.

It was identified that many family and youth experiencing mental health and/or substance use issues, had difficulty navigating the system of re which is often fragmented, confusing, and uncoordinated.

The Collaborative was formed to address these issues and receives funding from the Shared re Committee, a partnership of Doctors of BC and the Ministry of Health. Three ministries including the Ministry of Edution, Health, and Children and Family Development have signed a tripartite agreement supporting the work of this initiative.

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